Mind-body Therapy

Mind-body psychotherapy is a relatively new approach to healing that takes into account the wholeness of a person and his/her functioning. Modern philosophy and psychology hold that, contrary to older beliefs, the mind and body are inseparable and are mutually influential. Psychotherapy is more effective if it addresses the whole person with mind-body interventions.

It is widely known that:

  • The mind and body are inseparable parts of a whole person.
  • Mental experience is expressed in the behavior of the body, e.g. depression often appears as a downward gaze and a slumping torso, and anger often appears in tightly clenched teeth.
  • The state of the body offers access to the state of the mind, and, consequently, is useful in understanding the state of the mind.
  • Focusing on the state of the body offers an opportunity for mental processes to become clear.
  • Working with the mind’s and the body’s experiences, together, enhances the effectiveness of psychotherapy.
  • Mind-body psychotherapy is an excitingly new way of addressing the needs of the person as a whole and reducing distress.